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Early Warning Signs for Laminitis

I have been involved with horses for many years in various capacities and have been aware of laminitis causing considerable problems for owners of ponies & horses with the condition. My direct involvement with it has been over the last 8 years though my own horse and my work as an applied equine podiatrist.  I have looked at the information provided by researchers such as at the Laminitis Trust and Laminitis Research Unit and know that I don’t want to have my horse at the first stage of symptoms that they mention because that already means a lot of discomfort for my horse and for me.

Observations of warning signs that a laminitic episode may be approaching, such as thickening of the crest and developing digital pulses, are often used to guide management of laminitics and they are generally well known.  I have also been aware for sometime that swelling around the sheath can be a warning sign.

There are signs that seem to regularly occur before the shifting of weight, which give me an opportunity to make management changes to prevent the onset of clinical laminitis as described by these organisations.

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